Vacation Rental-Indiana-French Lick


A long time ago, before Boggs Lake was a reality, Paul Hopkins farmed several hundred acres in this area.  He came from a family of nine.  A family that was close. A family that worked together and played together.  They loved gathering for birthdays and holidays and just about any excuse to get together, with lots of good food and good times. 

Eventually, with the family helping, Paul brought wood, cut from another area of his farm, here to the shores of West Boggs Lake and built a "cabin" for the family gatherings.  That cabin is now known as "The Great Lake Escape".  The cabin was much more rustic then.  No wrap-around deck, no kitchen island,--plywood floors that the cousins got together and painted every spring--well, you get the idea.     But oh, the good times that were had in that cabin!!  If you close your eyes, you can almost steal some of the memories the cousins have of their times there---the walls ringing with laughter, the uncles playing music, Grandma dancing in the kitchen with a teenager, dinner being cooked. Ah, yes---dinner!!  Nobody could cook like Grandma and the Aunts.  Can't you just smell it now??

Our owner Mike was one of those cousins, and Paul was his Grandfather.  Mike spent many hours at the cabin.  As a teenager, he would sometimes slip off and go visit a little gal named Michelle who lived on the other side of the lake.  Eventually, Mike and Michelle married and guess what--the cabin was their home until after their 2nd child was born.  

Well, time passed and as we know, time changes everything.  The lake house was sold, but the family retained the memories made there. It went through a couple of different owners and then in November 2015, it was back on the market. This time, Mike and Michelle grabbed it and will probably never let it go because their love for it runs deep.  They have their first grandchild now, so the 4th generation will be enjoying this place.  Their journey has come full circle and they wouldn't take anything for their memories made here at this lake house.  

Because the "cabin" was such a wonderful part of their lives, they decided they just have to share it with others.  It is the heartfelt desire of Mike, Michelle, their whole family and staff, that The Great Lake Escape will be a place where you can truly "escape", de-stress, gather with family and friends, strengthen the bonds of those relationships and make memories that warm your heart for years to come.

So, that's our story and we all look forward to sharing "The Great Lake Escape" with you.