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Hi-I'm Tilly

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My name's Tilly and I'm a country chicken--a hen, to be more exact. Ceramic, if you must know.  My partner, Henry and I, roost atop the fridge, here at "The Great Lake Escape". You'll see us there when you come to visit. We never come down.  We love our roost.  We can see everything and nobody bothers us.  Now, we haven't always lived here at the lake. A long time ago, we lived in a big, busy city, with a sweet little lady, who was about 93 yrs old. She'd lived on a farm most all her life.  A chicken farm, it was.  When she got older and alone, she couldn't handle the farm, so she moved to be close to her grandkids.  But you know what?  She missed her chickens. So, one day she went out and bought me and Henry and took us to live with her in her new house.  Every mornin, she'd get up, make her coffee, and sit down at the table. She'd sit there, sippin that coffee, and glancin up at us ever once in awhile and that's when I'd see a faint smile come across her face.  She'd get sort of a far away look in her eyes and I reckoned she was rememberin when she'd go out and feed her chickens and gather the eggs.  Well, one day, Mammy, as everybody called her, moved on to a better place and her daughter, Miss Mary, came in and packed up ever thing.  She put me and Henry in a box and took us to her house.  She must of forgot us, cause we stayed in that box a long time. Then one day, she opened the box and took Henry away. Turns out she had visited the lake house and thought it needed a bit more color. Now, Henry is quite a colorful fella, so she took him to Miss Brenda and he wound up here--right where he is this minute. Me?? I stayed in that box for many more days, until finally, somebody had the good sense to think Henry looked lonesome, so Miss Mary brought me to the lake, too. Well, I have to go. The sun's up and people are beginnin to stir around.  I'll tell ya more another time.  (If ya want me to, that is.). Love, Tilly