The Great Lake Escape The Great Lake Escape The Lake House An exterior view of the 2400 sq ft house, with over 1000 sq ft of wrap around deck. Plenty of room for your family to spread out.l 202216051 The Lake House A little closer view of the lake house. Situated on 1+ acres at the end of a private lane. No traffic going by except for an occasional boat. You will never find a more peaceful, quiet, tranquil place than this. 202216052 Front Exterior A view of the front of the house and deck. 202240731 The Lawn Another view of the house showing just a portion of the beautiful lawn between the house and the lake. 202216045 More Lawn Another area ideal for lawn games? What'll it be---football, baseball, horseshoes, corn hole, washers, badminton, volleyball, croquet???? Room for those and any others you can think of. Have more than one game going on at a time??? You bet!!, there's plenty of room to spread out. 202216038 Front Deck The view from one set of sliding glass doors in the living room. This is looking across the front deck, toward the lake. 202240726 Side Deck Sit back and soak up some sunshine, relax, enjoy the awesome views, marvel at the peace and quiet, watch the busy hummingbirds, or whatever suits your fancy. Keep an eye on the sky for the resident bald eagle family we often see putting on an air show for us. Occasionally they even buzz the deck to see what we're up to. 202216040 Side Deck Another view of the side deck. Enjoy meals on deck. There is always some part of it that is in the shade. 202240723 Side Deck Steps Another view of the side deck that wraps around the front and part of the other side of the house. Once in a while, we're honored to host small weddings and it's a beautiful thing to see a radiant pride coming down those steps to begin a brand new life. 202216050 Lake Shore 450 ft of shore line allows breathtaking views of the water from any vantage point outside and from most all of the home interior. 202216039 Lake Shore If you look thru the trees to the left, you can catch a glimpse of the causeway. There are huge pipe-like openings that allow boats (even pontoons) to pass thru to the larger part of the lake. 202216046 More Shore Line You will notice the lake appearance change throughout the day as the sun crosses the sky. My favorite time comes in the late afternoon and could be called "the golden hour" because the lake and surroundings actually take on a golden hue. Watch for it--it will leave you speechless and you'll retain that visual memory for a long, long time. 202216041 Docks and Paddle Boat That blue thing leaning against the tree is a paddle boat and yes, it is there for you to use. The boat holds 4 people, so pack a lunch, load 'em up and peddle off to explore the lake. This is a guest favorite and they have lots of fun with it. Notice the easy access down to the lake. No steep hill or long stairway. Easy for young and old alike. 202216042 Docks You're welcome to fish, swim, sun or dock your boats here. 202216044 Campfire Area Now picture this: a cool evening, sitting around a campfire with friends or family, singing songs, telling tales, roasting hot dogs, toasting marshmallows, making smores---I can almost smell the smoke from the campfire and taste the hot dogs right now! With no city lights near, you'll be amazed at the brilliance of the stars. (Hint: to get the full effect, turn off the dusk to dawn security light. The breaker box is over the dryer inside. Breaker is marked. Please turn it back on when you leave.) 202216047 Charcoal Grill When this picture was taken, we had just purchased the new grill on the left and just in time, too, because the old grill almost immediately died. However, we've found that the new one serves our guests quite well. 202216037 Scanoe A scanoe is a flat bottom canoe and it's here for you and your guests to use and enjoy. Slip it in the water and paddle away. Who knows what adventure awaits you as you explore the lake. Maybe you can crash the paddle boaters' picnic or find out if a scanoe can go faster than the paddle boat???? 202215803 One Man Kayak Notice the Kayak on the ground by the Scanoe. Pop it in the water and take off. Let us know if it's faster than the Scanoe and the paddle boat. 202215804 202240717 202240718 202240719 202240727 202240722 202240730 202240732 202240738